DIY: Solar Chandelier (Instructions w/Photos)

Please excuse the lull between this post and the last.  It has been a really crazy month, but I am back and ready to roll!  So here is a fun tutorial to re-kick things off. I have made the beautification of my yard a top priority this year.  One of my go-to items for this process… solar lights!  I have been on a total solar light kick lately; adding a solar light path along the front walkway and gathering large quantities to fill the flower bed that my wonderful dad is currently building around my house (pictures coming soon).  I decided I also wanted lights incorporated on the big tree in my front yard without having to run electricity, so that’s how this project came about.  Enjoy!


  1. Chandelier – Instead of spending $200 on a new one, go thrifting for one.  The appearance doesn’t matter too much because you can paint it and add pretty beads; just make sure it feels sturdy enough to be outside.  Also, it doesn’t need to be functional because you will be clipping the wires anyway.  I got mine from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  2. Solar Lights – Find ones with tops that will fit in the candle holding part of the chandelier.
  3. Sand Paper (if painting)  If your chandelier has a very smooth/shiny surface and you want to paint it, you’ll want to scuff it up before doing so. Go for a finer grit, around 320.
  4. Spray Paint (optional) – Make sure it is suitable for outdoor use.
  5. Epoxy – This will hold the solar light tops in the chandelier candle spots.
  6. Gloves – For use with epoxy.  You don’t want this stuff on your skin!
  7. Silicone – This will be used around the solar light to finish off securing it in place.
  8. Beads/Gems (optional) – I strung beads and added acrylic gems to add a little more sparkle to my chandelier.
  9. Fishing Line (optional) – For stringing beads.  I used 30lb.
  10. Rope – This will secure the chandelier to the tree.  I used parachute cord.


Step 1 :

diy solar chandelier instructions step 1

Take the candles out of the holders.  Remove parts that attach chandelier to ceiling.  Clip wires.

Step 2 (optional):

Paint the chandelier.  Let it dry.  Flip over.  Paint the other side.  I didn’t need to scuff mine because the surface had a rougher texture to it. diy solar chandelier instructions step 2

Step 3:

Remove tops of lights (should pull right out of the base). 

Step 4:

Use epoxy to secure the lights to the chandelier and wait for it to set.  I used 5 minute epoxy for this project.  It gave me a good amount of time to attach all the lights, but it is available in different set times depending on how much time you need for this step.   Use epoxy in a well ventilated area and with gloves!  Mishandling of epoxy can cause big problems, please follow the warnings and read the directions carefully.

Step 5:

Apply silicone around the perimeter where the light meets the candle holder. diy solar chandelier instructions step 3-5

Step 6 (optional):

String beads onto fishing line and tie them onto the chandelier for added sparkle.  You can also add some dangling acrylic gems. diy solar chandelier instructions step 6

Step 7:

Attach to tree branch with rope.  Make sure you wrap it around several times for extra security. diy solar chandelier instructions step 7

 All Done!

diy solar chandelier


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    laura says

    Such a cool idea! Where did you find your solar lights? I would love to do this under the pergola on my deck. Love it!

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